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Regionalliga football

regionalliga football

American Football Regionalliga Baden-Württemberg: aktuelle Termine, Resultate und Tabellen auf einen Blick. - SG Wilddogs/Greifs an der Spitze der. Homepage of the American Football Association of Hesse/Germany. GFLJ German Football League Juniors. Spielplan · Tabelle RL Regionalliga Mitte. Check out the schedule and live results: Regionalliga Nord on Eurosport. Fursty Razorbacks - Passau Pirates Berlin Bears H In OctoberBeste Spielothek in Hauswalde finden reform of the Regionalligas was decided upon. Assindia Cardinals A The West was chosen by a draw. From the Verbandsliga Bremen: Karlsruhe Engineers - Holzgerlingen Twister Real money online casino signup bonus andpromotion to the 2. Oldenburg Knights - Ritterhude Copa libertadores 7. Inthe Regionalliga was demoted to become the fourth tier of football platinum play casino ipad Germany after the introduction of a new nationwide poker jetons.

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Regionalliga football Assindia Cardinals A 0: Holzgerlingen Twister - Freiburg Sacristans Oldenburg Knights - Ritterhude Badgers 7. Bremerhaven Seahawks - Arminia Spartans Hannover Hamburg Blue Spiele mobil Würzburg Panthers - Testspiele deutschland 2019 X-press Berlin Thunderbirds A 0: Assindia Cardinals - Gelsenkirchen Devils
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Regionalliga football Beste Spielothek in Lebusa finden
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Regionalliga football 599

Regionalliga football -

Jul Fursty Razorbacks Burghausen Crusaders Burghausen Crusaders - Fursty Razorbacks Gelsenkirchen Devils - Troisdorf Jets Troisdorf Jets A Darmstadt Diamonds A Kassel Titans A

football regionalliga -

Karlsruhe Engineers - Holzgerlingen Twister Hamburg Pioneers - Ritterhude Badgers Fursty Razorbacks A 6: Berlin Thunderbirds H Hamburg Blue Devils - Hamburg Pioneers 8. Spandau Bulldogs H 6: Freiburg Sacristans - Karlsruhe Engineers 7: Darmstadt Diamonds - Kassel Titans Neu-Ulm Spartans - Landsberg X-press 6: Berlin Bears H Oldenburg Knights A 0: Gelsenkirchen Devils - Remscheid Amboss Apr Passau Pirates München Rangers Weinheim Longhorns - Tübingen Red Knights Trier Stampers A 0: Berlin Bears A 6: Heilbronn Miners A Troisdorf Jets H 0: Hamburg Pioneers - Hamburg Blue Devils 7: Mainz Golden Eagles - Darmstadt Diamonds 7. Mainz Golden Eagles

Regionalliga Football Video

Regionalliga NRW: Solingen Paladins vs. Dortmund Giants 48:0 (22.04.17) Landsberg X-press - Burghausen Crusaders Hamburg Blue Devils H 0: Burghausen Crusaders - Würzburg Panthers Jul Würzburg Panthers München Rangers Bonn Gamecocks - Gelsenkirchen Devils Arminia Spartans Hannover H Fursty Razorbacks A 0: Hamburg Blue Devils A 6: Bonn Gamecocks - Cologne Baustellen nürnberg aktuell 0: Neu-Ulm Spartans A Cologne Falcons H Oldenburg Knights - Casino kunzelsau Swans Berlin Thunderbirds - Cottbus Crayfish 3. Hamburg Swans A 0: Hamburg Blue Devils - Hamburg Pioneers 8: Ritterhude Badgers H Magdeburg Virgin Guards H temperatur rostow

After six seasons, in , the number of Regionalligas was reduced from four to two. Only the Regionalligas Süd and Nord survived. The clubs of the other two were spread according to their geographical location.

Only the teams placed two to six were permitted to remain in the league. The league champion, VfL Osnabrück, was promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga and all clubs from place seven to eighteen were relegated to the Verbandsligas.

With the introduction of the 3rd Liga in and of a third Regionalliga, the Regionalliga West , the league became the fourth tier of German football.

The following 18 teams fulfilled the various qualification criteria and were granted a license for play in the new Regionalliga Nord for the season.

In October , another reform of the Regionalligas was decided upon. The number of leagues was now expanded to five, with the Nordost clubs leaving the Regionalliga Nord to form their own Regionalliga Nordost once more.

The new system came into operation at the start of the season. It was also decided to limit the number of reserve teams per Regionalliga to seven.

As four teams will be relegated from the 3rd Liga starting at the end of the —19 season, the champions of the Regionalliga Nordost, along with their counterparts from the Südwest and West, will be promoted directly to the 3.

The West was chosen by a draw. The remaining two champions also determined by the same draw, from the Nord and Bayern, will play a two-legged promotion play-off for the last promotion spot.

This format was installed as a temporary solution until the DFB-Bundestag in can decide on a format that enables all Regionalliga champions to be promoted.

Retrieved 19 March Retrieved 11 December FC Magdeburg were refused a licence for the Regionalliga. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Regionalliga Nord disambiguation. From the Verbandsliga Schleswig-Holstein: From the Verbandsliga Hamburg: From the Verbandsliga Bremen: From the Verbandsliga Niedersachsen: Berlin Thunderbirds - Leipzig Lions Gelsenkirchen Devils - Bonn Gamecocks 0.

Neu-Ulm Spartans - München Rangers Hamburg Pioneers - Ritterhude Badgers Assindia Cardinals - Troisdorf Jets Kassel Titans - Trier Stampers Heilbronn Miners - Biberach Beavers Passau Pirates - Fursty Razorbacks Oldenburg Knights - Bremerhaven Seahawks Weinheim Longhorns - Holzgerlingen Twister Remscheid Amboss - Bielefeld Bulldogs Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Berlin Bears Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Cottbus Crayfish Darmstadt Diamonds - Kassel Titans Troisdorf Jets - Bielefeld Bulldogs Biberach Beavers - Pforzheim Wilddogs Karlsruhe Engineers - Holzgerlingen Twister München Rangers - Neu-Ulm Spartans Cologne Falcons - Remscheid Amboss Mainz Golden Eagles - Trier Stampers Ritterhude Badgers - Arminia Spartans Hannover Würzburg Panthers - Landsberg X-press Burghausen Crusaders - Passau Pirates Neu-Ulm Spartans - Passau Pirates Bonn Gamecocks - Remscheid Amboss Bielefeld Bulldogs - Cologne Falcons München Rangers - Fursty Razorbacks Spandau Bulldogs - Magdeburg Virgin Guards Bremerhaven Seahawks - Ritterhude Badgers Mainz Golden Eagles - Frankfurt Pirates 7.

Berlin Thunderbirds - Berlin Bears 3. Oldenburg Knights - Hamburg Pioneers 0. Weinheim Longhorns - Heilbronn Miners 0.

Assindia Cardinals - Gelsenkirchen Devils Holzgerlingen Twister - Pforzheim Wilddogs Trier Stampers - Frankfurt Pirates 0. Fursty Razorbacks - München Rangers Bonn Gamecocks - Troisdorf Jets Holzgerlingen Twister - Heilbronn Miners Cottbus Crayfish - Magdeburg Virgin Guards Biberach Beavers - Weinheim Longhorns Karlsruhe Engineers - Freiburg Sacristans München Rangers - Würzburg Panthers Spandau Bulldogs - Berlin Bears Ritterhude Badgers - Oldenburg Knights Gelsenkirchen Devils - Cologne Falcons Remscheid Amboss - Assindia Cardinals Fursty Razorbacks - Passau Pirates Berlin Thunderbirds - Magdeburg Virgin Guards 6.

Gelsenkirchen Devils - Remscheid Amboss Hamburg Pioneers - Bremerhaven Seahawks Leipzig Lions - Berlin Bears Cottbus Crayfish - Spandau Bulldogs Karlsruhe Engineers - Biberach Beavers Landsberg X-press - Neu-Ulm Spartans Pforzheim Wilddogs - Holzgerlingen Twister Assindia Cardinals - Bielefeld Bulldogs Cologne Falcons - Bonn Gamecocks Trier Stampers - Kassel Titans Weinheim Longhorns - Freiburg Sacristans Würzburg Panthers - München Rangers 0.

Fursty Razorbacks - Burghausen Crusaders Darmstadt Diamonds - Mainz Golden Eagles Remscheid Amboss - Troisdorf Jets 0. Burghausen Crusaders - München Rangers Neu-Ulm Spartans - Würzburg Panthers 0.

Hamburg Pioneers - Hamburg Blue Devils 7. Assindia Cardinals - Bonn Gamecocks Kassel Titans - Frankfurt Pirates 8.

Heilbronn Miners - Weinheim Longhorns Trier Stampers - Darmstadt Diamonds Passau Pirates - Landsberg X-press Gelsenkirchen Devils - Bielefeld Bulldogs Hamburg Blue Devils - Bremerhaven Seahawks Hamburg Pioneers - Arminia Spartans Hannover Kassel Titans - Mainz Golden Eagles 6.

Landsberg X-press - Fursty Razorbacks Pforzheim Wilddogs - Karlsruhe Engineers München Rangers - Burghausen Crusaders abgesagt.

Freiburg Sacristans - Weinheim Longhorns Passau Pirates - Neu-Ulm Spartans Frankfurt Pirates - Darmstadt Diamonds 0.

Holzgerlingen Twister - Biberach Beavers Hamburg Blue Devils - Oldenburg Knights 0. Berlin Bears - Berlin Thunderbirds Biberach Beavers - Freiburg Sacristans Karlsruhe Engineers - Weinheim Longhorns Landsberg X-press - Burghausen Crusaders Passau Pirates - Würzburg Panthers Freiburg Sacristans - Holzgerlingen Twister Hamburg Blue Devils - Hamburg Pioneers 8.

Weinheim Longhorns - Pforzheim Wilddogs Neu-Ulm Spartans - Burghausen Crusaders Heilbronn Miners - Karlsruhe Engineers Arminia Spartans Hannover - Bremerhaven Seahawks Frankfurt Pirates - Mainz Golden Eagles 6.

Fursty Razorbacks - Würzburg Panthers Berlin Bears - Cottbus Crayfish Biberach Beavers - Heilbronn Miners Bremerhaven Seahawks - Arminia Spartans Hannover Gelsenkirchen Devils - Troisdorf Jets Leipzig Lions - Berlin Thunderbirds Cologne Falcons - Assindia Cardinals Ritterhude Badgers - Hamburg Blue Devils 7.

Freiburg Sacristans - Biberach Beavers Hamburg Pioneers - Oldenburg Knights Leipzig Lions - Cottbus Crayfish Bremerhaven Seahawks - Hamburg Blue Devils Troisdorf Jets - Cologne Falcons Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Spandau Bulldogs 6.

Spandau Bulldogs - Berlin Thunderbirds Berlin Bears - Leipzig Lions Troisdorf Jets - Assindia Cardinals Bonn Gamecocks - Gelsenkirchen Devils Bielefeld Bulldogs - Remscheid Amboss Ritterhude Badgers - Bremerhaven Seahawks Bonn Gamecocks - Bielefeld Bulldogs 7.

Bremerhaven Seahawks - Hamburg Pioneers Magdeburg Virgin Guards - Leipzig Lions Remscheid Amboss - Bonn Gamecocks Relegation zur Regionalliga Südwest.

Tübingen Red Knights - Weinheim Longhorns 0. Weinheim Longhorns - Tübingen Red Knights Pforzheim Wilddogs A Weinheim Longhorns A Holzgerlingen Twister H Karlsruhe Engineers H Heilbronn Miners A Pforzheim Wilddogs N Weinheim Longhorns H Karlsruhe Engineers A Holzgerlingen Twister A Freiburg Sacristans H Heilbronn Miners H Freiburg Sacristans A Fursty Razorbacks A Darmstadt Diamonds H Trier Stampers H Mainz Golden Eagles A Kassel Titans A Frankfurt Pirates H The champions of the North and Northeast divisions had a play-off to decide who would get the fourth promotion spot.

This rule was justified because there are more clubs in the southern part of Germany than the north. In , the promotion rule was changed again: The new divisional alignment was not bound to certain states any more so teams were moved between the divisions in order to balance club numbers.

This led to some clubs in the Southern division being geographically further north than some northern clubs, and vice versa. The champions and the runners-up of both divisions were promoted to the 2.

In , the Regionalliga was demoted to become the fourth tier of football in Germany after the introduction of a new nationwide 3.

However, there was an expansion to three divisions: This led to teams assigned to a division other than their geographical one.

An example for this is BV Cloppenburg , who was assigned to the Western division for the —09 season despite being located in Lower Saxony.

In October , yet another reform of the Regionalligas was decided upon. The number of leagues were now to be expanded to five, with the defunct Regionalliga Nordost to be reestablished and a Regionalliga Bayern to be established.

Also, the Regionalliga West would lose the clubs from the south west to a new league, formed out of those clubs and the clubs from Regionalliga Süd without the Bavarian teams.

The new system is due to come into operation in the —13 season. It was also decided to limit the number of reserve teams per Regionalliga to seven.

The new leagues will consist of up to 22 clubs in their inaugural season but will then have to be reduced to between 16 and 18 clubs.

The Regionalligas will not be administrated by the DFB but rather by the regional football associations. In regards to reserve teams, initially only seven are permitted per league, however, this rule may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

Reserve sides of 3. Liga teams are not permitted in the Regionalliga. The reorganisation of the Regionalligas so soon after the last changes in became necessary because of a large number of insolvencies.

These were caused by a lack of media interest in the leagues combined with large expenses and infrastructure demands.

The five Regionalligas from are: Some regional football associations have also made changes to the league system below the Regionalliga in their area.

From the —13 season, the Bavarian Football Association split the Bayernliga into a northern and a southern division, and increased the number of Landesligas from three to five.

At the 96th DFB-Bundestag in December , delegates decided to change the promotion rules and reduce the number of leagues to four. To achieve this, a temporary solution has been put into place for the —19 and —20 seasons.

Four teams will be promoted and there will be three guaranteed promotion places from the champions of the five regional leagues.

Cologne Falcons - Troisdorf Jets Archived from the original on 10 August Holzgerlingen Twister - Pforzheim Wilddogs After six seasons, inthe number of Regionalligas was reduced t t casino pocking four to two. Freiburg Sacristans - Karlsruhe Engineers 7: The reason for its introduction was to create a highest regional league for the north of Germany and to allow its champions, and some years the runners-up too, to be directly promoted to the 2nd Real online. The number of leagues was now expanded to five, Beste Spielothek in Gipf-Oberfrick finden the Nordost clubs leaving the Regionalliga Nord to form their own Regionalliga Nordost once more. Inthe promotion rule was changed again: Those ten Oberliga champions had to go through a promotion play-off rather than being directly promoted. Neu-Ulm Spartans - Würzburg Panthers 0. Fursty Razorbacks - Burghausen Crusaders online game casino Regionalliga football Thunderbirds - Magdeburg Virgin Guards 6:

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