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And then, Tris's big plan was erase everyone's memory? I cannot conceive of any way that could possibly work long-term. For one, these so-called scientists that managed to create serums to erase memory but not language, life skills or personality couldn't figure out how to treat the messed up genes?

Am I actually supposed to believe that? And secondly, all that memory-erased-folks have to do is talk to another city and all those prejudices are back in place.

The Quotes - aka, how was this typed with a straight face?? Maybe I'm just jaded at this point, but every quote I read just seemed too, too much.

So much drama and angst and tension - I just couldn't handle it. I mean there's this: Power to do evil Power itself is not evil.

So knowledge itself is not evil. I belong to the people I love, and they belong to me--they, and the love and loyaty I give them, form my identity far more than any word or group ever could.

The first step to loving someone else is to recognize the evil in ourselves, so we can forgive them. If someone offer you an opportunity to get closer to your enemy, you always take it.

Overall I'm so glad this series is over There's a companion novel? Audiobook Comments The only positive from this book was that Emma Gavin read it.

She did her best with this steaming pile of malarkey. People who like horrible endings - not to Divergent fans cuz they'll be crushed like I was.

I can't say I didn't see it coming. But I was really hoping Roth would prove me wrong. I was really hoping I had my hopes set so high, and it just I just feel really crushed right now.

This makes me question ever reading another dystopian trilogy. That was really stupid. Sorry to be candor but it was. All this time I thought being Divergent was I feel disappointed.

All this time I thought being Divergent was incredibly cool because you get to be different but in reality it comes down to Are you kidding me?!!

That's not even logical at all! How does being "genetically pure" result into Divergence?? Divergence is supposed to mean there's something in the way you think and act that can't make you fit into one category Second of all, what up with the whole GD and GP thing?

I wasn't looking for a war between the two. I wanted to see what would happen to the faction system, not this genetics bullshit. Chicago was an experiment - are you kidding me??

I mean, the video told us that the faction system was built in order to stop war and peace, not for any of this genetics thing - which I still have so much against.

It just doesn't make any sense!! Anyway, let's forget about the Genetic thing 'cuz I'm probably gonna rant until I have no more space left if we don't.

Let's talk about the plot - or the lack of it. Honestly, the pace was slower than that snail in Monsters University who missed his first day of school.

I mean, in Divergent and Insurgent, there was action! And in Allegiant it's all Anf last but definitely the least, the ending. I honestly don't think an author should kill the main character unless absolutely necessary.

This was one of my favorite series - no, scratch that, this was my favorite series - and now I'm questioning even giving it that title.

When people asked me what my favorite book was I would proudly say Divergent and now I'm not sure what to answer anymore. Veronica Roth, please just do us all a favor and rewrite this book.

Your fans - who've been waiting so much - deserve so, SO much better. There's this post on Veronica Roth's blog , where she says that she would have preferred it if Harry had died in the last HP book, because it would have been "by far the most powerful moment of the entire series.

And beyond that, an incredible act of heroism. Here's a link to her blog. Veronica Roth is absolutely amazing and I admire her so, so much.

View all 95 comments. The ending was not the only reason why I was so upset about this book. And yes, it still makes me want to cry and while I believe I forgive Veronica Roth for the ending, I am still grieving.

The reason as to way I am saying this is because I don't want to seem like someone who gets upset at a book because they didn't get a happy ending.

Tris deserves to go out in a grand well, as grand as death can be and brave way. I appreciate that's a bad word for it. I would have actually appreciated if she didn't die at all that she did it for her brother and that does show bravery, but she was shot by some stupid doctor guy was not even a character until this book!

And why did he shoot her at all? Wasn't her genes special to him or something? POV You've probably heard this already and probably know from experience , but Tris and Four sounded exactly the same!

This took away a lot from the book for more because it made the narration dull and boring. Nothing really happened until the end Seriously, most of the book was the weird introduction to the experiment thing and Tris and Four fighting each other.

It was anti-climatic After the ending to Insurgent, I was expecting a torn apart world on the outside, but I get a weird experiment that makes zero sense?

And why isn't the outside more futuristic? It's been centuries, why are you guys using 21st century technology?

There were a few things I did like too! If I loved everything in the book and then there was that ending, I would have still given the book a good rating due to the rest.

But since I was not a fan of the other parts Let me say this: I found this book to be disappointing. I am a huge fan of this series but this one just wasn't as strong as the others!

I don't know how else to explain it Don't even let me begin on that heartbreaking ending!!! If you read the book, you know what i'm talking about This book also damages my view on the whole series!

And even the whole experiment thing! How am I supposed to go back knowing that?! I absolutely LOVE this series, but this book I don't know if I'll ever recover from it.

Is it possible that this cover is awesomer than I pictured it?!?!?!?! It doesn't look like any of the symbols Apparently, the title is Allegiant Loyalty or the obligation of loyalty, as to a nation, sovereign, or cause.

See Synonyms at fidelity. The obligations of a vassal to a lord. Well, thank you ,Goodreads, for tricking me multiple times into thinking that the title would be Convergent.

Well played, Goodreads, Well played For just a little while it was Convergent!!! I'm onto you "Divergent 3"!! I know what your true name will be!!

THEN it was supposed to come out in September! Yet there's still no title This is fan-made but it's so awesome!!!!!! I hope the real cover will be this cool!!

The title is here! Coming closer together, esp. View all 50 comments. View all 65 comments. Oct 22, J.

If I could give this ten stars, I would. Veronica Roth, I want to high-five you for your courage to end it as you saw it ending and not cave to 'standards' or 'expectations'.

It was HARD to read. I'm not going to sit here and lie and say it was all sunshine and roses. I sobbed more than once. I stared blankly in disbelief.

And then I hugged my Divergent books, because wow. I can't even say anything else. Not at all what I expected because it' Five motherfucking stars.

Okay, I was wrong. FOUR owns my soul. View all 41 comments. If only this ended differently. View all 21 comments. Fuck this book and everything it stands for.

View all 39 comments. I actually managed to write this review without including any spoiler! While I was very straightforwardly spoiled, a part of me did not want to believe what I had been told.

I mean, come on…no way Veronica Roth could have done that. But, you know, before starting this intense read and just after finishing Insurgent , I did not believe that I could ever hate this because of how dear the characters became to me, especially Tris.

Although, I do sadly feel like burring myself under Divergent now, a book that was oh so fantastic! First off, the writing. But… did the author re-read her book after finishing writing it?

It was ridiculous how often the author re-used word after word after word. Also, she did have beautiful comparisons.

She could have used more figures of speech but the ones she did create were satisfying. Yeah, it was uneven yet mostly slow, but it strongly matched the plot — even though this latter was barely present.

The atmosphere was palpable and the story did swallow me whole. And I needed and wanted and craved to know what was going to happen next.

You see, I just think this lacked. It had much much potential, but I feel like what I wanted and what the author wanted were two allergic to one another things.

Oh, no real problem there. I mean, they were the main ones all present in the plot: Tris, Christina, Four, Peter, etc. Which was relieving because I really wanted to read about them all again before the end of the series.

And the author did not disappoint there. Where she did disappoint though was in the characterization.

Hmm, every character or so experienced some growth or some real sad personality change. As in they lost faith or courage or motivation.

Four acted quite strangely from time to time though. Too much stress was what provoked that? Am I finding excuses for him? Perhaps I will include them another time.

So imagine my reaction when I saw them fighting so much in this. And, yes, definitely, Four will always be Four to me. Oh, I loved them! Mostly, they were enemies, but, hey, we need villains too.

Yeah, I do need villains. What did you think of this one? Did it somewhat disappoint you too? Were there things you ended up enjoying about it anyway, as I did?

View all 83 comments. I actually quite enjoyed Divergent even though the world building was largely unimpressive, and I wasn't a fan of Insurgent , but I was really hoping that Allegiant would amaze me.

None of it worked for me — the story, the world building, the main characters, and especially not that bastard awful ending. I think a lot of readers will be divided on Allegiant — some will find it brilliant and moving whilst others like me will find it nonsensical, fucked up, and depressing.

Random, ranty, and repetitive thoughts: There was also a major change in power, with the factionless overpowering the factions and taking charge.

There were revelations about what the factions were designed for, and the true meaning of being Divergent. Sadly, I found most of the explanations silly and convoluted.

All the politics and history of the outside world was boring and far-fetched, I didn't find any of it interesting or realistic.

Don't even get me started on the nonsensical science and technology, and those motherfucking serums. Whilst this one more or less forgot about all of that, and instead changed into an unrecognisable, ridiculous story.

After seeing Edith Prior's video they wanted to go outside and discover the truth - Tris, Tobias, Caleb, Christina and a few others managed to escape.

In the outside world they were met by Tobias's old mentor Amar who was meant to be dead he faked his death , he drove them to a compound the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.

The head of the Bureau David revealed the truth to Tris and co — that their city was an experiment, and they were being observed by the Bureau and government.

A long, long time ago the US government for some bizarre reason selected people with certain personality traits fear, selfishness, dishonesty, low intelligence, aggression , and manipulated their genes so those undesirable traits could be eradicated.

Instead of correcting their genes it damaged them, this made humanity worse for some dumb reason or another, and caused the Purity War, which resulted in the destruction of half the US population.

When the war was over the genetically damaged GD demanded a solution — so the Bureau got a bunch of GD people, they altered their genes again wouldn't that solve everything?

Yea, I don't get it either would produce genetically healed individuals. The Bureau waited and observed for generations until the genetically healed humans aka Divergent aka genetically pure aka GP could be born.

Yea, I have absolutely no idea know what the plan was after that since there appeared to be plenty of GP in the outside world, so the Divergent didn't seem all that vital.

Almost forget, the faction system was the behavioral modification portion of the experiment. So yea, that's that. Tris and co were suitably shocked.

Tobias found out he wasn't Divergent, he was actually GD. Tobias for some odd reason was really upset about that even though he was still the same person he'd always been.

He barked at Tris because he was resentful that she was GP - yea, any excuse for Tobias to be emotionally abusive to Tris.

Then some other GD Nita approached him and told him how GD suffered in the compound and the rest of the world, and that the GP were evul fuckers that treated the GD like shit.

Naturally, he believed every word she said despite not seeing any sufficient evidence. And Tobias who hadn't suffered any classism, unfairness or hardship from the GP acted all hard done by and decided the GP needed to go down.

Why did the Bureau want to reset Chicago? So that their experiment wouldn't be ruined, and to prevent war and death.

Apparently, erasing someone's memory is worse than preventing a war and thousands of deaths. Tobias found out Nita was bullshitting, and she didn't want to steal the memory serum, she wanted to steal the death serum or something so she could kill all the GP.

Tris was pissed because the GD's plan almost killed her and her friends. Tobias acted like a dick and twisted things around to make Tris out to be the bad guy even though he was the one who fucked her over, lied to her, betrayed her, and almost killed her and her friends.

Of course, doormat Tris went crawling back to him and they made up. Tris was pissed because how dare they erase memories to save everyone's life!

The mass memory eraser thing was locked up somewhere and they had to break in… But the security measures would release death serum if anyone broke in.

So Caleb volunteered to sacrifice himself because he was feeling guilty about his past fuck ups. Meanwhile, Tobias went back to Chicago to stop the war and he managed to do that really easily by simply asking his mum to stop.

Tris felt bad that Caleb was giving up his life so she went on the suicide mission instead. She survived the death serum, but was shot by David the Bureau head just as she set off the memory eraser thing.

Tobias found out Tris died and was shocked and emo for a little while. Yea, that makes sense , the GD had hope and were living normally, Tobias was chilling it as a politician of sorts, he was also flirting with Christina, he mostly forgot about Tris, and then he scattered her ashes.

Yea, that's not what I signed up for. The fact that I hate Tobias didn't help matters either. Tris and Tobias really bugged me, there was nothing remotely endearing about them.

Tris was a self-sacrificing-know-it-all-martyr, what she did at the end ruined the entire series for me. She wasn't a hero, she was a selfish, arrogant cow that only cared about her own feelings.

I can't believe Tris offered to take Caleb's place on the suicide mission, it was sickening after the way he treated her. It was done just for shock value and so the ending could seem all bold and moving.

Well, it didn't work on me. Not just because Tris was an insufferable martyr but because it was so fucking lame. Speshul snowflake that she was, Tris survived the death serum who knows why, it was never explained but then some new, crappy non-character David shot her just when she'd completed her mission and wiped out the Bureau's memory.

Ugh, what was the motherbitching point?! He was a huge hypocrite, all he did was bang on about Tris lying when he lied far more than she ever did.

Why didn't Tris point that out? After lecturing Tris about honesty and promising that they wouldn't hide things from each other, Tobias carried on lying and keeping secrets, and was only honest when it suited him.

I hated that Tris let Tobias treat her like rubbish for lying when he was so much worse than her, and I hated that she let him get away with his hypocrisy.

His mummy and daddy issues grated on me too, it just made him really emo. I found Tobias really stupid and naive for the most part — he believed whatever people told him, he never investigated for himself, and his blind faith in strangers caused a lot of damage.

It was his fault that Uriah died, and he wasn't even punished for it sure, he was moping for a little while but that doesn't equal a punishment.

I hated how Tobias disregarded everything Tris said, even though she'd been right in the past he still never listened to her advice.

Instead he threw a hissy fit whenever she tried to make him see sense, he just couldn't handle his girlfriend being smarter than he was.

He's one of the worst YA heroes I've ever come across. Why did he make such a big deal about it? He was still the same person, he was still healthy?!

Tobias found any excuse to bitch and moan, and talk down to Tris. It would be one thing if he trusted and believed someone who he knew well… But he literally had one conversation with that rebel GD Nita , he didn't know her at all yet he still believed everything she said.

How could he have trusted her so easily? She was no better than a stranger! How could he help her take down a bunch of people who'd not actually done any wrong to him purely on her word?

He was an idiot. All they did was argue, and it was mostly down to Tobias, his lies, his vile attitude, and his self pity. It was one rule for him and another for Tris - he could lie, he could keep things from her, he could lash out, he could feel sorry for himself.

Whenever she was justifiably angry with him, he turned things back on her and acted like she was in the wrong.

He had too much pride and only cared about his feelings. He didn't give a shit about Tris or what she was going through.

It hadn't even been that long since her parents died but instead of being sensitive and supportive he acted like a dick. Why would she want to be with someone that treated her that way?

Maybe, that was why she risked her life, to get away from him. He was a rubbish brother to Tris, he betrayed her, and helped her nearly get executed yet he was acting like the victim.

He didn't deserve her forgiveness, she'd done nothing to deserve his disloyalty. I really wish Tris had killed him after he betrayed her in Insurgent , he didn't deserve her understanding and he definitely didn't deserve her sacrificing herself for him.

What kind of idiot gives up their life and love for someone who treated them like that? So why the fuck would Tris not only forgive and forget that but also end her life so he could live?

What was with all the forgiveness and sacrifice bullshit?! I noticed that it was Tris doing all the forgiving, sacrificing, and being compassionate — so was the lesson that when guys screw up, women should just understand and get over it?!

None of the male characters acted so selflessly and forgiving. Yea, it was just the doormat heroine. Basically, Caleb was happy to let Tris die for him, he didn't even seem bothered when she died… Where was his grief and self-hatred for his dead sister?!

She never even seemed that interested in Tobias before so it made no sense her choosing him. Also, if it was that easy to stop the war and fighting why didn't he try to reason with her before?

There was so much build up, secrets, backstabbing, and tension between each of them yet they managed to sort out their issues very easily considering how much history and bad feeling was between them.

Yea, I wasn't impressed with that, I expected more fighting, negotiations, difficulty, and discord before any kind of peace was reached.

The whole point of the experiment was so Divergents could be produced so why didn't they better protect them? They were still plenty of people who were genetically pure on the outside.

Also, there were loads of people outside that were still genetically damaged… So their GD problem wouldn't actually go away if their experiments were successful.

Why couldn't educated scientists realise that? And in others it was primitive violence, hunger, couldn't control the fringe or fix society.

It just didn't mesh well. The foundation of the world building was so unconvincing — something as big as genetic manipulation wouldn't be done on the population without knowing what the immediate and long term outcome would be.

Ugh, it was such bollocks. So what if David no longer had any of his memories, it didn't change the fact that he murdered Tris!

It's obvious fans would be more pissed that the heroine died instead of the love interest! Tobias basically got over Tris's death, and his memories of her dulled, and there were hints of a relationship between him and Christina.

Yuck, I would have been more happy if Tobias had died a horrible death instead of him living happily in the new and improved world.

It was so much worse than the final Delirium book, which I didn't think was possible. The only thing that I thought was good were some of the peripheral characters.

The rest was rubbish: I don't know how to rate this yet. I both loved and hated it. I need more time to process and organize my thoughts.

Right now I am just emotionally drained! View all 31 comments. View all 7 comments. Usually I write a long-ass review on books I've read. In this case, I have no words.

Completely not what I expected and I'll leave it at that. View all 69 comments. Roth is indeed dauntless. I know it is her story and she can tell it the way she wanted; I wish she showed a bit of more of abnegation and provided a final book that did not make me want to regret reading the whole series.

No movies for me. Check out Scott Reads It! Allegiant was one of my anticipated books of , I really didn't know how Veronica Roth could wrap up the series successfully.

Allegiant was panned by fans and many fans felt that this book ruined the entire series for them. Then there's me, one of the few "black sheeps" who actually enjoyed this book and felt that it was extremely necessary that it ended this way.

Allegiant is nearly impossible to describe because there's just so many subplots going on at the same Check out Scott Reads It!

Allegiant is nearly impossible to describe because there's just so many subplots going on at the same time. At any given moment, there are at least 5 or 6 different storylines that Roth is telling and it's a bit overwhelming at times.

This is definitely the most complicated of all of the books in the series and I guess it makes sense, given the fact that Roth needed to somehow conclude the series in a satisfying way.

Finally readers will learn what being "divergent" really means for Tris and Four. Tris and Four's relationship is definitely tested in this one and there is a lot of bickering between the two.

I just wanted them to make up and just resolve their differences; it does make sense that they are constantly on edge due to hectic nature of their lives.

When there aren't fighting which wasn't very often , there were some very sweet moments between the two. The romance in this one is pretty light, but we do get to see more of what's going on in Four's head.

I completely understand why Veronica Roth decided to write in Tris and Four's point of views, but it wasn't up to par with the high quality writing that was evident in previous books.

There were times when Tris and Four sounded way too similar and I had to flip back to the beginning of the chapter to find out whose point of view I was reading.

There were other times when I had really enjoy Four's point of view because it was extremely revealing and it was completely unbarred.

The reader slowly learns to understand why Four is such an enigmatic force and why he keeps himself so reserved from Tris.

I really felt like Four's point of view was extremely vital to understanding who he is and how much he cares for Tris.

I do wish that the writing was tighter in some of Four's chapters to make his voice more distinct for the reader.

The side characters in Allegiant have been called undeveloped and unimaginative by so many reviewers, but I disagree. All of the secondary characters both new and familiar faces place an extremely important part in helping Four and Tris make decisions.

The secondary characters help raise the stakes, they help Four and Tris realize that everything isn't going to end perfectly like they had hoped.

Each character has their own specific purpose and rightful place in Allegiant, it was truly something special to see my favorite characters from the series interact with new characters.

I have to address the way Allegiant ended because it's caused so much controversy Veronica Roth received death threats after fans had read the ending.

The ending of Allegiant is so ballsy and was such a risky move on Veronica Roth's part; Roth had the guts to pull off something most authors wouldn't even dream of doing.

This is why Roth has sold millions of books because she pushes the limits and is always creating ingenious plotlines. Anyway, I felt that this ending felt inevitable, Roth even said that she always felt like she knew it would end like this.

After a bit of pondering, it all made sense to me and I felt like Roth had been leading up to this ending ever since Divergent. In fact, if you read Insurgent, there's tons of foreshadowing that hinted that Allegiant would end like this.

Allegiant's ending felt necessary to me and I really feel that this is the ONLY ending that truly would have worked. While I didn't love the ending, I felt that Allegiant's conclusion was extremely effective.

Though Allegiant is extremely slow-paced and slugs due to info-dumping, I really enjoyed the final installment in the Divergent trilogy.

Allegiant didn't provide readers with the happily ever after that readers were looking for, instead it provided readers with an extremely realistic ending.

As much as I would have loved Four and Tris to ride into the sunset on an unicorn, Allegiant had to end in such a manner.

Allegiant has solidified my love for Veronica Roth's writing abilities and it ended on a satisfying note, in my mind.

I really look forward to reading Roth's future books and I hope that Roth will continue to defy all odds with her incredible books.

There's no denying that Veronica Roth is dauntless after reading Allegiant, it takes an extremely brave and daring individual to write an extremely controversial ending without fearing retaliation from fans.

View all 44 comments. Spoiler free review read before release date Life damages us, every one. We can't escape that damage.

But now I am also learning this: We can be mended. We mend each other. I'm an absolute emotional wreck right now so this review could very well turn into a mess of incoherent babble.

I'm still reeling from that climax. It burned with the finality of a dying match, an inevitable conclusion to a well-loved series, an end I didn't see coming despite all the theories I Spoiler free review read before release date Life damages us, every one.

It burned with the finality of a dying match, an inevitable conclusion to a well-loved series, an end I didn't see coming despite all the theories I discussed and argued and imagined with fellow fans.

Roth grabbed my interest with Divergent, she made me question how much people can truly hide about themselves in Insurgent, but she tore my heart out and ripped it into shreds before my very eyes with Allegiant.

There is a beauty to the pain though, and even though my emotions have wreaked havoc in me to the point of exhaustion, it was a bittersweet ending, because Roth doesn't leave us with an endless amount of unanswered questions.

She doesn't give us a happily ever after, she shows us the ravages of war, the losses that will always accompany it, the reality of a dystopian world and yet altogether, manages to evoke hope for a better future.

I can't say you will feel the same way as I do but I understand why she did it. It was risky, maybe even stupid but I think I love her more for it.

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Your genes can change. We also get a few heavy moralistic lessons and insights tulalip resort casino the natures scratch cards 5 free what's good and what's evil. She now lives in Chicago proper with her husband and dog and writes full-time. The genetic project that created the genetically damaged people is legitimate A dystopia is the complete opposite of a utopia, which is a perfect society. To show that the factionless show as little regard for human life as the Erudite did? There was too much information introduced in this book for it to be the closing of a series and I honestly think this whole series would have benefited from a fourth book. The head of the Bureau David revealed the truth to Tris and co — that their city was an experiment, and they were being observed by the Bureau and government. Allegiant is nearly impossible to describe because there's just so many subplots going on at the same Check out Scott Reads It! The background characters None of the background characters went anywhere significant. I also loved Roth's exploration into the relationship between Caleb and Tris after his betrayal. I mean, come on…no way Veronica Roth could have done that. And to those crying and limp on their beds now, welcome my friends. Actually, I was pointed out in the comments that Marcus Beste Spielothek in Heidenhofen finden Divergent, something I completely forgot! I was hoping they had all 5 symbols and had them crashing together to create a new symbol. Just like the characters paypal konto limit the book, the grief wipes away any deep philosophical mulling I might have about what happened in the plot.

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